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Technical Center
Comes with default motion controlled by the Infra Red remote

Walk forward, Walk backward, Move Left, Move Right, Turn 30 degrees Left, Turn 30 degrees Right

Get up with face down, Lie down with face down, Get up with face up, Lie down with face up
Sit down, Stand up, Dancing, Flip over forward, Kungfu, Soccer Kick, Soccer Goal Keeper Blocking

Package Information

Name:       RoboPhilo
Height:      13" (330.2mm)
Weight:     1.2Kg (1200g) with battery
Included:   PCB unit
                  36 KHz controller
                  36 KHz receiver
                  6V Ni-MH battery
                  7.2V 1000mA charger
                  Graphical motion editor software
                  Hanger Stand 

Hardware Features

    - ATmega32 -16PU
    - Interrupt Driven kernel for InfraRed remote 
            and Servos handling
    - 24 servo channels
    - up to 8 I/O interface for add on hardware
    - 8KB flash for more than 300 user motions
InfraRed Remote:    
    - can play 121 user defined motion routines
    - control up to 4 RoboPhilo independently
    - Charger can be used for motion 
        programming while charging the battery to 
        extend the time of play
    - provide regulated 5V DC and unregulated 6V - 
        7.2V DC for add on hardware

Software Features

Graphical User Interface
    - Fine tune the servo setting
    - Create motion routines
    - Pose can be reused by other sequence to 
        save storage
    - Sequence can be reused by other routine to 
        save storage
    - User can use the PC to run the motion step by 
        step to create the motion
    - Download the motion and setting to RoboPhilo
    - Once download, motion can be run through the 
            infra red remote controller
    - Motion routines can be shared among user by 
        exporting the routines to a motion file
    - User can run other's motion by importing the 
        motion file

Software Development Kit
- Upgrade Options -
- Available now -


    - User can develop C programs  for PHILO using 
        ATMEL winAVR C compiler (free download)
    - The SDK provides API for interrupt handler, IO 
        PORT, Servo Pose, Handheld remote interface
    - User can program PHILO to perform the 
        downloaded routines created by the GUI
    - User can program PHILO to move to a Pose 
        defined or generated within the program
    - User can add functions to interface with the 
        added hardware
    - User can enhance or replace modules up to 
        interrupt handler
    - User can even rewrite the whole firmware for 
    - User can download the new program to PHILO 
        through the RS232 cable
    - With the SDK, user can turn RoboPhilo into  an 
        autonomous robot
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